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Come experience what 150 years of expertise feels like!

About the Motch Jewelers Difference


Generations of Trust

For more than 150 years, our community has trusted Motch Jewelers to provide high-quality products that meet expectations on beauty, pricing, and dependability.

True Relationships

From education about diamonds to helping find budget-appropriate pieces, Motch goes to great lengths to ensure every customer feels valued and important–and they often become our customers for life.

Exceptional Selection

Motch Jewelers may surprise you with our diverse displays of beautiful pieces. From engagement and wedding rings to antique estate jewels, our selection is eye-catching and unique.

About The Gem of Covington

Walking through the doors of Motch Jewelers is like walking back in time in all of the best ways. In 1871, Mr. MC Motch, the founder of Motch Jewelers, hired architect James W. McLaughlin to design the Motch Jewelers storefront at 613 Madison Avenue. Equipped with the finest display cases, a 10-foot tall George Jones store regulator clock, and a Boston E. Howard & Co. street clock, Motch Jewelers was–and remains today–a cherished community landmark.

Why Choose Motch?

Our customers know they can rely on Motch Jewelers for the information they need to make a purchase they will love for life. We educate our clients and provide details about each unique piece we offer. Most importantly, our long history and longevity in our community ensure that when our customers need us, we are here for them. Whether that’s for cleaning, repair, or a new piece, we are always ready to serve. Come experience what 150 years of expertise feels like! Speak with us about your particular needs by giving us a call today at 859-431-1745 so we can help you find the perfect piece.

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